Thursday, October 13, 2011

Britney is alone - Dedicated to Britney Spears

Britney is alone

One teardrop
That shines in her eye
Is making her cry
Is making her cry

One mistake
That causes the pain
She did it again                                         (ref. oops I did it again)
She did it again

With the dreams of glass
In the world of stone

Britney is alone
Britney is alone

A broken trust                                       (ref. her broken marriage)
With a strange surprise
I tell you babe, Love is the compromise
Love is the compromise

A brand new start                                (ref. her rehab effort)
With repaired heart
Will it be same? Answer's Not
Answer's Not

It’s sometime good
To be unknown

Britney is alone
Britney is alone

(Lyrics by Waheed Akhtar)


  1. Lovely ... why don't you send this to Brittany and ask her to sing for you.


  2. This is lovely...thank you for inviting me..look on Creative Commons about the Copy Rights or or Word Press, they might be of help. Even check with itunes, I made a tune on garage band and they gave me credit as the composer..
    I have been a singer by the way, but not great on stage!

    Good luck,

    Carol Koceja "point lobos girl"

  3. Negativity yes sparks to positivity if you are lonely hurt it gives you to write your emotions n a song is spun out oh! yes unless that new songs don't come neither creativity if all was well then creativity would not have been there that's the beauty of life carry on ashim

  4. This is a wonderful tribute..I value all young people more today than I ever have, and seeing Britney come back too "life" , is like seeing a "butterfly in Spring".

    If I could have that with my child , I would be thrilled. Britney is famous, but just a young woman..with feelings, or have the public forgotten?
    Why do they expect such perfection? Isn't her voice enough? They want so much, we suffocate those we love, even performers.
    The greatest gift we can give anyone is too accept them for who they are..
    Britney has paid her dues in life, and now is her time too come full circle with her can only get better!

    For those of you that have not even noticed, some of her images, she looks like Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe, I was even surprised, but Britney looked better!
    Waheed, I see you had success in getting your copy right, I just noticed this..So happy
    this worked out for you . I have many things on CC. So please too meet you also!

    Best too you and Britney,

    point lobos girl images


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